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Welcome to ChiChi Katz, a Doll Face or Tradtional Face Persian cat breeder of excellence in North Florida specializing in chinchilla silver, shaded silver and golden persian kittens for sale in the USA.  My precious Persians are the finest quality persians available.  The are bred from Grand Champion Bloodlines and each kitten is nurtured and loved from birth in a very small cageless home to give you the most loving personality in a Doll Face or traditional Face Persian kitten you will find!   

2-1-13crystalemaillarge.jpgIf you are Looking for healthy and beautiful persian kittens for sale, look no further!  My kittens are absolutely amazing.  Be prepared to fall in love!!    

 I specialize in beautiful Silver and Golden Doll Face Persian Kittens for sale.  

If the gorgeous Doll Face Persian seen on the Fancy Feast commercial is your heart's desire, my chinchilla silver kittens will steal your heart!  If what you crave is an amazing little lion, my precious golden Doll Face Persian Kittens are stunning bundles of golden joy!  Either a Silver Persian Kitten or Golden Persian Kitten will bring you a lifetime of love and joy.  

Let your love-affair with this exceptional breed begin!

My amazing Doll Face Silver and Golden Persian Kittens have beautiful sweet expressions, with eyes you will fall in love with. Only  Silver and Golden Persians have amazing black eyeliner and magnificent green eyes.  Sometimes their eyes are emerald green, sometimes blue-green like the waters018.JPG of the Caribbean. You will be mesmerized by their beauty! There is no other persian color that will match the elegant beauty and sweet dispostions of  my Chinchilla Silver, Shaded Silver or Golden Persian Kittens!! 

My love affair with Persians began over 30 years ago and I have been breeding Persian kittens with care and love for 20 years. My  Persians are first my beloved pets. The few cats that I have are never caged, live underfoot, sleep with the family and “own” us. I get so much joy from breeding cats and strive to produce gorgeous, doll face, happy, healthy, well socialized kittens. My goal is not only on the beauty of my kittens, but on health and temperament as well. Your happy healthy doll face persian kitten will give you so much joy!

Chichi Katz is small, with only a few females.  I am able to give10-28-12homepg2.jpg each kitten lots of love and attention. They are handled from birth and I spend so much time nurturing and loving each kitten. The socialization process is paramount in producing the purrfect personality you are looking for!  You will not get the same outstanding personality from many assembly line breeders you find online.  Please be very selective and careful in choosing a breeder you feel comfortable, confident in, and can trust!  You are always welcome to visit me in my home and see the adults and the environment the kittens are raised in.   Please NEVER purchase a kitten from a breeder that will not allow you to visit their home, or want to meet you in a parking lot.  A good breeder will interview you to be sure you can provide a loving home for thier special babies.  You, in turn, should interview the breeder to be sure it is someone you can trust.  Buy with trust and confidence from ChiChiKatz Persians!   

I am breeding my Doll Face Silver & Golden Persian kittens for sale, from only the best Blood Lines.  Each litter is CFA registered and will come with a health guarantee.  Each kitten will be examined by a licensed veterinarian who completes a Florida Health Certificate stating they are free of ringworm or other fungus, flea free, ear mite free, negative for internal parasites, and negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids.  You also receive a written health guarantee against serious hereditary and congenital defects.  Your precious persian will have their first shots and de-worming, and be litter box trained.  All of our breeding adult cats have been tested by the University of California at Davis for PKD and are Negative. Your precious prissy persian will come to you ready to give a lifetime of love!


ChiChi (Shee Shee)

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Flashy, Flamboyant, Pompous,

Ostentatiously Stylish:

Deliberately Chic.

Elegant, Trendy,

Pretentious and Fussy,

Frilly, Grandiose, Showy, Swank.

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